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Traditionally, Google Analytics (and other web analytics data) was leveraged only by marketing to see the conversion path of their content and improve a visitor's experience on the website. Until now, Public Relations professionals have not used information from Google Analytics because there was never software that could bring together data on media mentions and web analytics to truly measure the impact of earned media.


TrendKite is revolutionizing how PR pros report the ROI of their media mentions by integrating traditional media monitoring with advanced PR analytics to allow you . Request a demo today to see a personalized TrendKite dashboard for your Company!


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TrendKite Features


Prove ROI with Integrated PR Analytics

Enhancing PR Reporting with data from Google Analytics is game changing for our industry. PR has always known they were contributing to people coming in the door, now we can finally measure what’s working well so you can optimize your PR strategy to increase the impact of your efforts. When PR leverages Google Analytics data, they can prove they are as valuable as sales/marketing By showing investment in PR drives brand awareness, leads, pipeline, and revenue from PR efforts with metrics like:

  • Volume of website traffic driven by media mentions
  • Leads created and articles shared
  • Deals/Sales generated from PR

Website Traffic from Media Mentions

The TrendKite platform tracks all earned media coverage, and for articles with backlinks, we can measure how many people are going back to the website and taking the actions your business cares about.


Google analytics and other web analytics platforms can track people who are coming to your website as a result of your earned media mentions and show you what they are doing once they get there. TrendKite integrates into your web analytics and pulls this visitor data into our platform and marries it with other PR metrics to provide advanced PR analytics that show which publications/topics/authors are driving the most engagement on your website.


Goal Conversions from PR Generated Website Traffic

Once you have identified the traffic you are generating, TrendKite's PR Software goes a step further to show you how these visitors behave once they get to your site. Are they staying on your website and clicking around? What are they clicking on? How engaged are they? Are they completing high-value activities (Goal conversions) that are driving revenue for the business. Example: Buy a product, request a demo, download a whitepaper, submit an application form.


Value Driven Metrics

Through our Google Analytics integration, TrendKite can show the earned media coverage that is getting people to go back to your website and what actions they are taking once they get there. Looking at value driven PR metrics will help you determine which articles, publications, and journalists to target in the future. You go from throwing spaghetti on the wall to getting visibility and clarity into what’s driving business outcomes. This gives you the ability to tailor your PR approach to optimize for highest-impact. Once you start employing this strategy, you are set up for some very powerful reporting on PR’s impact on the business and the ROI you are generating from their investment in PR activities.


Gain Control of Brand Messaging

With earned media, you don’t have control over the message. People read publications and form opinions of your brand. However, if you are focusing on Google Analytics and guiding readers back to your website, you regain control of the brand message when they land on your website.


Instead of someone reading about you in the news and forming their own impression, you can influence that impression. TrendKite's advanced PR Software can provide the data you need to understand how.


PR Analytics Made Easy

This isn’t a scary thing. A lot of the brands that start working with TrendKite realize it’s not about being responsible for sales numbers, but getting insights into what kinds of content drives sales numbers and being able to produce better content. You are going to be a better PR professional because you’ll see what kind of content drives people to these behaviors and are going to be able to create more. Rather than reaching out to pubs that aren’t doing anything for you, you can focus on the pubs that are, and then report and track on it.


How Does Your PR Stack Up

TrendKite allows you to easily benchmark your PR metrics against competitors, product lines or best in class brands. Find out how your PR stacks up today with TrendKite's FREE Competitive PR Intelligence Tool


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