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PR Software for Brands

Quantifying and Qualifying PR Results

Today's PR professionals face the challenging tasks of trying to build an accurate picture of their brand's media coverage, making data-driven decisions to improve performance, qualifying and quantifying the impact of those efforts and reporting results to the rest of the organization. With the scope of potential outreach growing every year, these tasks becomes increasingly difficult. TrendKite's advanced PR software can help.

Comprehensive, Accurate Media Coverage

PR success begins with a highly accurate, timely and complete view into your brand's media coverage. Manual media monitoring efforts to paint this picture are largely unsuccessful because geographies, niche publications, influencer posts, blogs and comments make it difficult to capture every brand mention. What's more, the conversation is time sensitive, making it imperative for PR professionals to be able to quickly sort out the relevant media mentions and leverage them immediately.

TrendKite takes the manual labor and guesswork out of creating a comprehensive coverage map with semantic, big data analysis that models the PR ecosystem. TrendKite's PR software learns from you as you use it and tunes the system to the data you want to see over time. Breaking News Alerts ensure you never miss a critical brand or competitor mention. Better accuracy means you make fewer guesses and more timely, data-backed decisions.

Actionable PR Insights and Outcome Analytics

Measuring the impact of high value earned media is difficult because there are a number of potential outcomes, including; improvement in SEO around keywords, growth in website traffic, leads, social media engagement, reputation improvement and even revenue. It is challenging to aggregate these in a way that doesn't result in the underselling PR's impact.

The TrendKite PR software solution utilizes quality and impact scoring algorithms to create an objective measure of PR's impact. This helps automate PR reporting to prove PR ROI and justify the brand's investment in PR.

Beautiful, Automated PR Reporting

Reporting PR results and explaining the value of earned media can be a monotonous effort, sometimes requiring multiple tools to create charts, screen shots and a PowerPoint deck. The labor limits the frequency of reporting, reduces efficiency and detracts from more value-added activities. Context is also important and can be difficult to develop reports that accurately convey the impact of PR.

TrendKite helps tell the story with beautiful, interactive, visualized and automated PR reporting. By creating engaging information with automated insights, PR professionals are well prepared to show other company leaders how their efforts are working to amplify the brand. See a sample interactive report

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