Measuring PR's Impact:
the Framework for Digital PR


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80% of marketers are using data to drive their decisions. And in this data-driven, digital world, PR must also be digital. However, traditional PR metrics and tools were built in the analog era...

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  • Focusing on the right metrics - See the top digital PR metrics to report on, such as SEO impact, social & influencer amplification, web traffic results, and more
  • Growing PR by integrating with marketing - Integrate your PR strategy with social media, influencers, and digital marketing to increase PR's power and impact
  • Going beyond brand awareness  - Create reports that showcase brand, digital, & bottom-line business impact of your initiatives by using the Communicator's Funnel

After reading the eBook you'll be able to prove that earned media is a reliable, scalable channel that drives revenue alongside the rest of the marketing mix. 

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