Tagging & Newsletters




To manually curate a list of articles that would otherwise not be returned together via common search keywords, you can use tagging. A tag is the foundation of a Newsletter, as articles that appear in a Newsletter are selected by adding them to a specific tag. They can also be used in searches (tag:"Xyz"), so it is possible to run entire dashboards off of your curated coverage.  For example, perhaps you want to keep track of articles your team has placed. You can tag your coverage "John", "Mary", "Jane" and then run a report on the impact of stories by employee. Just make sure you are using tagging for subjective curation only, when you are not doing so for a Newsletter; otherwise, building a search will be more efficient.





Sharing Tags

Like searches, tags are shareable with all users in your account, so you can collaborate on tagging articles for reports and newsletters. All shared tags will be Full Access only. You can not set a tag as View-Only. This means that sharing a tag gives anyone within your account the ability to modify the tag by adding or removing articles from it.



The tags menu is split into two sections: "My Tags" and “Shared With Me”. The latter section houses all of the tags that have been shared with you by other users in your account. 


You can use a shared tag just like one of your own tags. They are accessible under the “Shared with Me” section when selecting a tag.



TrendKite’s Newsletter offers a simple and elegant solution to sending curated coverage to your company. Newsletters arrive to a recipient’s email inbox in a beautifully packaged template, allowing employees to stay engaged with the most important news. Each article presented in a newsletter contains details like social amplification and readership, while also including hyperlinks to the web version of the article, offering its full text.

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of email recipients or the number of newsletters you send. Many users choose to send out a newsletter daily to keep stakeholders up-to-date on important news, while others opt to highlight high-impact coverage on a weekly or at-need basis.