Share to Slack

Internal communications and promoting your hard-fought earned media wins isn’t always easy.
Now, TrendKite can help you cut through the noise by giving you the power to share articles with your team in Slack, right from TrendKite.

Share an Article to Slack

Sharing an article will post a short message directly to a Slack channel with a link back to TrendKite's detailed article analysis page.
From any article card, click the share icon share-icon.png in the top right, then click "Share to Slack."  From the pop-up from you can select from any existing authorized channels or add a new one. Once you've selected a channel, add a comment and click "Share" to post the article to Slack.
Modal 1 and 3.png
NOTE: The first time you share to Slack, select "Add new channel" from the channel dropdown. You'll be prompted to log in with Slack and select a channel to authorize TrendKite sharing. Once authorized, Slack will send you back to TrendKite to finish sharing the article.

Share Real Time Alerts to Slack

When creating or editing an existing real time alert, you can add Slack channels as recipients.
Navigate to Alerts tab and select (or create) a real time alert. In the left hand menu under the "Share to Slack" header, click the "+ Add" button. You'll be prompted to select from any pre-authorized channels or add a new one.
Recipients and modal 2.png
Now you can select from your authorized Slack channels and click "Share" to add the channel as a recipient. Whenever we find new content that matches your search, TrendKite will post the new articles directly to your chosen Slack channel.
NOTE: If you haven't shared to Slack before, select "Add new channel"  from the channel dropdown. You'll then be able to log in with Slack and select a channel to authorize for TrendKite sharing. Then Slack will send you back to the alert editing page.