Simple Boolean Operators



The AND operator, used in conjunction with multiple terms, requires that all terms must exist in an article for it to match.

"Target" AND "store" AND "holiday"

This tells TrendKite to return only those articles that contain all of the words: "Target", "store" and "holiday".




The OR operator broadens the search to include articles that contain one or more of the search terms.

"cell phones" OR "mobile phones"

This tells TrendKite to return only those articles that contain either/both of the phrase(s): “cell phones” or “mobile phones”.




The NOT operator excludes articles that contain specified terms in the article.

"Target" NOT "bullseye"

This tells TrendKite to return only articles that contain “Target” but NOT if the article also has the word “bullseye”.


NOTE: Be careful with how many NOT keywords you use because any keyword affected by the NOT operator always takes priority in the search. For example, if a relevant article contained the word “bullseye” as well as “Target” (e.g. someone talks about purchasing a “bullseye” at the store “Target”), it would NOT pull that article.


AND NOT: In a circumstance where you want to exclude a term, but only when another term is NOT mentioned; you can use “AND NOT” within a NOT string to, essentially, mean “unless.”

(("Microsoft" OR "Microsoft’s") NOT ("Apple" AND NOT "Apple Juice"))

This tells TrendKite to exclude articles about Microsoft that also mention Apple, except if Apple Juice is also mentioned in the article.



"Quotation Marks"

Quotation marks are used to lock in an order of words as a precise phrase, regardless of case (unless otherwise specified).

"Amazon Prime Now"

This tells TrendKite to only return articles that contain the phrase “Amazon Prime Now”, whether those words are upper or lowercase. An article that reads, “Amazon and its Prime Now service”, would not pull, unless “Amazon Prime Now” was precisely used elsewhere.



(  ) i.e. nesting

Parentheses are used to group keywords or phrases together to combine several search statements into one search statement.


The search below will first find articles that mention store, or shopping or shoppers. It will then only keep articles that contain the word “Target”. Finally, it will exclude any remaining articles that contain “archery”, or “archer” or “shooting”.

("Target" AND ("store" OR "shopping" OR "shoppers")) NOT ("archery" OR “archer" OR "shooting")

This tells TrendKite to return only articles that include Target AND “store” OR Target AND “shopping” OR “Target” AND “Shoppers but NOT if “archery”, “archer” or “shooting” exist anywhere in the article.




The “text:” operator used with a term or phrase locks in the case sensitivity of the term or phrase. The text: operator also tells TrendKite to only search within the “text” or “body” of the article (not the headline).

text:"Amazon Prime Now"

This tells TrendKite to only return articles with “Amazon Prime Now” as a phrase, with the A, P, and N, all capitalized.




Like the text: operator, the “content:” operator searches only within the “body” of the article (not the headline). This operator is NOT case sensitive.

content:"Target Red Card"

This tells TrendKite to only return articles that mention “Target Red Card” as a phrase, regardless of capitalization.