A report serves as a shareable snapshot of a dashboard, displaying widgets as individual slides in a format that can be easily shared through a link or PDF attachment. If shared through a link, the report will be interactive, meaning its viewers will be able to drill into the widgets and view the data more granularly, like a user can in a dashboard. 



Building & Editing Reports

Because a report is a snapshot of your dashboard, any adjustments made to your dashboard after clicking “Create Report” will not sync. In order for these changes to reflect in a report, you will need to create a new one. Once you are ready to share your report, click “Save” to generate a link to your interactive report. Alternatively, you can click the black download icon (arrow) to create a PDF version of the report.





Rearranging Slides

Slides can be rearranged by clicking the box above the slide buttons, and dragging a slide to its desired placement.





Adding Analysis

The analysis portion of each slide can be easily edited to add your own text and serves as the best place to add any hyperlinks you wish to display in your report.





Adding a Custom Slide

If there is something outside of the TrendKite platform that you want to include in your report, you can add a Custom Slide to upload an image or gif.