PR Attribution


TrendKite's PR Attribution helps PR pros quantify their full digital impact with a new technology that reports website traffic that is statistically driven from news articles. 


This includes direct traffic where a reader clicks a link in the article, or indirect traffic where they visit your website at a later time.


TrendKite is the only PR platform that can measure this for over 4M global publications.


PR Attribution is an add-on product. Contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to learn how to add PR Attribution to your TrendKite PR Analytics subscription.


Like our other web traffic integrations, PR Attribution traffic data appears both in its own widget and within the existing TrendKite widgets and drilldowns you're already familiar with.


Top Publishers by Website Visitors Widget






The Top Publishers by Website Visitors shows you the top five unique publications that visitors to your site frequent most often during the 48 hour window. It's organized from greatest number of vistiors to fewest and also shows the number or articles driving traffic for those publications. Click into the widget (as shown  above) to see the individual articles from a particular publication.


Total Visitors in the Drilldown

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 5.21.06 PM.png

The Total Visitors column in the Drilldown represents the unique number of people that read an article and visited your site. This number is based on actual data and is aggregated daily beginning at the start of your data collection. Visitor data will only be added to this column if in fact there was traffic for that specific day. Because this is an aggregated number it will continue to grow over time.


PR Attribution in an Article Card

With PR Attribution, you're also able to see which specific articles are sending people to your website. Click into Total Mentions, sort by Total Visitors, and then click on an individual article to see the total traffic it’s driven over time.


From the Article Card, you can see a breakdown of how many people the article drove to your site each day.




The Difference Between PR Attribution and Website Analytics

Because PR Attribution shows you total traffic, it actually contains referral or backlink traffic as well as direct traffic and indirect traffic. This is different than the integration with your web analytics tool whether it’s Adobe or Google Analytics in that they only show you referral traffic, or traffic with a backlink. At the moment, your Adobe or Google Analytics integration is the best way to see full funnel conversions.


Domain Tracking Start Date

Each domain that is tracked in your account has a Start Date. This date represents when TrendKite began tracking the visitors coming to your site from earned media. The data cannot be tracked retroactively. You will see data reflected based on this start date on the Top Publishers by Website Visitors and the chart at the top of the Article Detail Card. For example, if the Start Date for your domain is January 1, 2017 and you selected a date range on the widget prior to that date, you will not see visitor data for traffic driven to your site before that timeframe.


Tracking Traffic Even Without a Mention

The real value of PR Attribution is the ability to have transparency in articles where your brand is mentioned with or without a backlink where it once was a black box. In addition to this value is the capability to see visitor data from articles when your brand is not mentioned. A use case would be to track articles that mention your industry or anything associated with your brand. This can be accomplished in the search that you build. An example is below if TrendKite wanted to see articles that reference “PR Analytics” but NOT “TrendKite”.


See Total Visitors in the Drilldown from any Widget


Your search for PR Attribution is not limited to the Top Publishers by Website Visitors widget. If an article has visitor data you will see Total Visitors data in the Drilldown from any widget on the dashboard.