Pinpoint Contacts 


Pinpoint Contacts is TrendKite’s next-generation media contacts solution. It allows you to uncover more journalists with our personalized discovery engine and pinpoint the right contacts for specific topics and campaigns. Pinpoint Contacts is completely integrated into the other tools within TrendKite, so you can see high-impact authors for any topic, company, or industry in much the same way you can build a search or dashboard for anything.


Pinpoint Contacts in housed under the "Contacts" tab at the top of your TrendKite account. In the Contacts tab, you'll see three options:

  • Explore
  • Saved
  • Search

These three sections will be your main workspace to identify contacts relevant to your product, industry, and topic, manage contact lists, and search for one-off contact information by journalist or publication.



In the  Explore tab of Pinpoint contacts, select any search from the left menu and Pinpoint will populate the high-impact authors for that search.


In the dropdown at the top of the screen you can sort by Average Article Impact, Average SEO Impact, Average Social Shares, or Total Number of Articles depending on your specific criteria.

 Author Profile Drill In.gif


Author Profile

Once you've identified an author of interest, click into their Author Profile to access contact information and journalist-level benchmarks to help you understand that author's reach and impact.


In the Author Profile, you'll find:

  • The journalist's email address and social handles (if applicable)
  • Publications the journalist has recently written for
  • Benchmarking data to help you gauge the average social engagement, SEO and Article Impact, and volume of coverage for the all articles published by the journalist
  • A list of the journalist's most recent articles to help you understand what topics and areas the journalist has recently been writing about recently
  • A star to save the author as a favorite author for easy access at a later date




You can also click the 'card' icon on any author profile to add them to an custom list. This allows you to build a pitch list  for a campaign, announcement, or launch.




You can access Pinpoint Contacts and Author Profiles directly from any dashboard widget in your TrendKite account by clicking "View Pinpoint Contacts" or an Author's name from any drilldown.



In the Saved section, you'll find:

  • Your  favorited journalist's
  • Any custom lists you've created

In the Saved section, you can also export contact details from TrendKite using the download button in the top right corner of TrendKite.


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 4.06.41 PM.png



The Search section allows you to find journalists by name or publication. Simply select "Name" or "Publication" from the drop down, type your search, and hit enter to return results.

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