Widgets & Settings


Each widget in a dashboard provides analytics surrounding a certain metric. These analytics are a function of the search attached to that widget and the date-range that is set, along with any dashboard filters. 


Multiple Widgets & Adding a New One

A dashboard can house multiple versions of the same widget. If at any time you want to add an additional widget to your dashboard, scroll to the bottom of a dashboard and click the box that says “New Metric”.




Configurable Widgets: Adjusting Their Settings

You can change the default date-range or search attached to an individual widget by clicking the settings icon. 



If you want to edit the date range of all widgets in your dashboard, use "Edit Dashboard".
For instructions, visit the "Dashboards" page in this guide.



Changing a Widget's Title

A widget's title is also easily editable. Clicking on its name will allow you to modify the text.


Reordering Widgets in A Dashboard

To edit where widgets appear in a dashboard, select the “Reorder Widgets” icon. 



NOTE: Adjustments you make to the order of your widgets in your dashboard will reflect in its respective report. It is easy to adjust the order of the slides in the Report Editor, if you would like them to differ.