Article Impact

A metric that blends social amplification, readership and sentiment to help you understand which coverage matters most. You can sort by Article Impact in any drilldown to find the articles that are most impacting your business and then use this intelligence to identify authors and publications driving conversation and awareness around your brand.


Identifying the most impactful articles can also be used to:

  • Find new journalists and outlets to build relationships with
  • Amplify impactful coverage on social
  • Put paid advertising behind your successful stories
  • Glean best practices from aspirational companies’ highest ranked articles

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Article Impact also feeds the Top Publishers by Impact widget, which displays the publications with the highest average article impact related to the Company, Product, or Industry you are analyzing. Use this in your Industry dashboard to discover new authors and publications to build relationships, as they will be the most likely to write an impactful story if you can land an article with them.  

SEO Impact

SEO Impact is a measure of a website's domain authority which predicts how competitive it will be in Google search. The larger the SEO Impact score, the higher ranked that website will be in search engine results. Getting a mention in a high SEO impact publication means more visibility for you brand, as both that article AND your website will appear higher in Google, especially if you receive a backlink.

Receiving a mention, and ideally a backlink, in a high SEO Impact publication will also improve your search ranking on the on-brand keywords mentioned in the article. So, if an article reads "TrendKite, a PR Analytics software...", will rank higher on the phrase "PR Analytics." This is a major win for free digital marketing. 

Using the related SEO Impact widget, you can measure the average SEO impact of your mentions and benchmark that against your competition. You can also use TrendKite to find publications with high SEO Impact and high average article impact, and prioritize them on your pitch list when preparing for a new PR campaign.

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For your reference and benchmarking:

1–19 Low SEO Impact
20–29 Average
30–39 Good
40–59 Strong
60–80 Very Strong
81–100 Excellent


To take a deeper dive into SEO Impact and how you can take advantage of it in TrendKite, check out the "Training Webinars" section to the left and watch our SEO webinar. There are also some helpful tips there that break down how to create valuable widgets around SEO Impact.