Learn How To: Hone In On Quality Coverage


No matter how your organization defines quality, TrendKite's flexible dashboards and searches make it easy to surface high-quality, engaging content. Below, you'll find the top four ways that other TrendKite clients are defining and segmenting their quality coverage.


SEO Impact

SEO Impact is a score (on a 100-point scale) that predicts how well a website ranks on search engines. Earned media is a great way to drive your organization to the top of search engines. Learn about how TrendKite is utilizing SEO Impact and Domain Authority to prove coverage value on the TrendKite blog.

Creating a key message widget to measure and segment your SEO Impact is a great place to start. Just add a new Key Message widget to your dashboard by selecting "Add New Metric" at the bottom of your dashboard.


Key Message Creation.gif


Once you have a Key Messages widget, you can create six key messages with the following SEO-specific searches:


seo:"very strong"






Article Impact

TrendKite's Article Impact is a blended metric that allows you to balance the readership, social amplification, and sentiment of an article into a single, sortable measurement.

You can sort any drill-down in TrendKite by Article Impact to quickly view you or your competitors most impactful articles. You can also create a Key Message widget to segment even more deeply using the following searches as Key Messages:






Social Shares

Even with metrics like readership, it's difficult to understand how much engagement a particular placement gets. Measuring and benchmarking social shares is a great way to understand how many times an article was meaningfully engaged with.

Sorting any search (competitive, industry, topic) by the Social Shares column is a great way to identify the topics, authors, and publications that are earning engagement on social media.

Sort by Social Amp.gif


Headline Mentions

PR pros have been measuring headline stories for years, but this metric is still a great way to understand your brand's presence, especially in a competitive context.
Key Message Creation-1.gifIn a Key Message, use the following search title:"YOUR BRAND OR PRODUCT" to segment out headline mentions. You can even create specific headline searches to understand how many headlines you have in comparison to competitors.