Learn How To: Modernize Your PR Reporting


We've spent time with our clients building thousands of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and ad-hoc reports with clients, and we've picked up a few tips on how to best communicate PR outcomes along the way.


Legacy reports typically include such metrics like number of placements or feature mentions, but the best reports don't stop there. The most effective reports work to align PR's contribution with the overall business metrics and outcomes. Your CSM is always available to help you strategize and build a report that fits your specific needs. Reach out directly or through the help chat to schedule a strategy session with them.


Below, we share some secret weapons clients have included in their most comprehensive, successful reports and how to execute those in TrendKite. If you need a refresher on how to build a TrendKite report, click here for a walkthrough.

Share of Voice

Most reports will include some sort of share-of-voice (SoV) analysis. Generally this is a simple comparison of all your coverage graphed against all your competitor's coverage. While this is a great start, consider advancing your share of voice strategy by segmenting further internally or competitively to understand what trends are really impacting your media coverage.


Headline SoV

Using the boolean operator "title:" you can compare your headline coverage to your competitors. With drastically different PR strategies employed across, and even within, industries, it's important to know if your competitors are prioritizing quantity over quality. Headline SoV accomplishes this quickly and easily.


Competitive Product SoV

Sometimes comparing company to company isn't the most accurate or beneficial comparison you can be making, especially for organizations competing in a crowded industry. Companies often get an artificial lift from their tentpole brand/s. Comparing yourself to only the direct competitive product will give you better insight into the true media picture. (ie: An organic soap company comparing themselves to only Dove's hand soaps or a financial investment app comparing themselves to Capital One's app, not all Capital One coverage).


You can accomplish this by building individual searches for products and adding them to a Share of Voice widget in a new or existing dashboard.


Internal Product SoV

If your company sells multiple products or your organization has several programs or priorities, an internal Share of Voice can give you better insight into how those brands relate and affect one another. Oftentimes we see a main brand increasing coverage for secondary brands, or secondary brands cannibalizing existing coverage for another brand. Understanding the effect of promoting or pitching stories on other products/brands allows you greater insight to maximize your efforts.


You can accomplish this by building individual searches for products and adding them to a Share of Voice widget in a new or existing dashboard.

Social Amplification

Understanding the reach of your placements is an important step to understanding their impact. While traditional metrics like readership tell part of the story, TrendKite users have had great success utilizing Social Amplification both as an internal benchmark and as a competitive metric.


To compare your brand or company's social engagement with a peer, simply add an additional Social Amplification widget to an existing or new dashboard and apply a competitive search to that additional widget (shown below).


Add Social Amp Widget.gif

SEO Impact

Your PR team likely has an outsized impact on where your organization shows up in search engine results, but you many organizations have no idea.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of strategies marketers use to drive their organization to the top of Google search rankings. One factor in these rankings Domain Authority, a measure of how many sites link to a particular site, and therefore validate it as an authoritative source.


Earned media like the NYT, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch and local papers are highly authoritative as dozens of other sites link to the news they provide. Landing a placement for your brand (or even better a backlink) from one of these publications can help get you to or keep you at the top of Google's search rankings. Learn more on the TrendKite blog or in our eBook SEO: The New Key to PR Success.


TrendKite makes it easy to measure PR's contribution to SEO with our SEO Impact widget. Simply add the widget by clicking "Add New Metric" at the bottom of any dashboard.

Add SEO Impact Metric.gif