Learn How To: Conduct Competitive Analysis


TrendKite makes it easy to understand your competitive landscape with simple dashboard templates.


Before creating a competitive dashboard, it's important to ensure that your searches are categorized correctly. In the searches tab, make sure your organization is marked as "Company" and competing brands or organizations are marked as "Competitor."

 Competitor Categorization.gif

Once your searches are correctly categorized, it's a single click to create a competitive comparison. From your Dashboards tab, select "New Dashboard" in the top left corner and choose from either of the two competitive dashboard templates:

  • Year-to-date Competitive Landscape will show a high level overview of how you stack up against your competitors

  • Competitive Research will take a deep dive into your competitors coverage and show you their most impactful pieces of coverage 

Create Dashboard Template.gif 

You can add additional competitors to your Share of Voice widgets by clicking "Add A Search" below the existing competitor searches in any dashboard.