Website Analytics Integrations


Our Website Analytics integrations with both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics help you better quantify the ROI of your PR efforts, providing data on how media coverage is directly driving business goals like website traffic, conversions, and revenue.


We’ve built our Website Analytics Integrations to keep your digital team’s data safe - we can’t write to or alter the data or settings as the integration is read-only. We pull aggregate anonymized web traffic summary data to compare against news articles mentioning your brand.


Integrating Your Web Analytics Into TrendKite

If you have not yet integrated your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics account(s) with your TrendKite account, go to your App Settings page and click "Connect" to download instructions and get connected!


How Your Web Analytics Are Displayed In TrendKite

The TrendKite platform offers two widgets to help you understand your Website Analytics’ impact:


Total Coverage vs Total Web Traffic Widget

Offers a correlational analysis between Total Mentions and Total Web Traffic, displaying the potential impact your total news coverage has on your total website traffic. Most articles will not contain direct links to your site, so this helps give credit to brand awareness and recognition that will yield visits to your site through other means. For example, maybe you received a few meaningful earned mentions or ran a campaign where publishers didn’t use backlinks; readers could have still typed your brand name or domain into Google or directly into the browser, indirectly driving traffic to your site.



PR Referral Web Traffic vs Non-PR Web Traffic widget

Shows the amount of referral traffic that was indisputably driven by PR coverage versus through other content types. We consider website traffic to come from PR if the referring URL matches an article URL in TrendKite. Drilling into this widget will show you every individual article that drove traffic that month. You can use this widget to determine the success of a campaign or discover influential journalists or publications that are driving traffic to your website.



Website Analytics Metrics

Depending on what website analytics software you use, there are different names for the same metrics. Below is a quick reference on what certain metrics translate to depending on the software you are looking at:


Google Analytics Adobe Analytics TrendKite
Sessions Visits Website Traffic
Pages/Session N/A Avg Page Views
Avg Session Duration Total Time Spent Avg Time on Website
% New Sessions N/A % First Time Visits
N/A Visitors Total Visitors
New Users N/A First Time Visitors
Bounce Rate Bounces Bounce Rate
Goal Completions N/A Goal Completions
Conversion Rate N/A Conversion Rate
Goal Value N/A Goal Value
Revenue Revenue Revenue
N/A Checkouts Checkouts
N/A Orders Orders


Additional Notes on Website Analytics Integrations

For Adobe Analytics, we do not integrate ‘Custom Events’, which is the equivalent of Google Analytics’ ‘Goal Completions’. Therefore, you cannot speak to non-checkout conversions.

You can achieve this by integrating both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics into TrendKite and cross-check results to see Goal Completions.

‘Checkouts’ in Adobe Analytics means someone entered a checkout flow, whereas ‘Orders’ means they completed it.



Learn More About Using Website Analytics to Prove PR’s Impact

Interested in learning more about how you can use metrics like traffic, conversions, and revenue to prove PR’s impact on the business? Here are some educational materials to get you started:

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