Glossary of Terms


Social Amplification is the aggregate social interactions across those five networks from the article level. Meaning anytime the article is shared/liked/tweeted/etc., we are tallying those interactions to show you how engaged the article was with your audience.

Article Impact blends social engagements, readership, and sentiment to help you understand which coverage matters most.


SEO Impact is a measure of a website's domain authority which predicts how competitive it will be in Google search. The larger the SEO Impact score, the higher ranked that website will be in search engine results.

With Media Performance Metrics, we've broken down the coverage from Total Mentions into qualifiers:

  • High-Performing Mentions, mentions that have a high blend of Social Engagements, Sentiment Intensity, SEO Impact, and Readership
  • Feature Mentions, multiple mentions of the brand or the brand is in the headline
  • Passing Mentions, only one mention of the brand
  • Headline Mentions, mentions of the brand in the title
  • Top-Tier Readership, mentions that came from publications with a million or higher readership 
  • Target Publications, mentions that came from publications your team provided

Total Coverage vs Total Web Traffic displays your Total Mentions (green line) over your Total Sessions (blue bars) to serve as an overview (or “big picture” view). This is to help show correlations between spikes in coverage with spikes in web traffic.

PR Referral Web Traffic vs Non-PR Web Traffic displays how much referral traffic came from mentions via backlinks (green segment) against traffic from other sources (gray segment) and finally how many articles drove traffic (purple line). The key difference to note about the web traffic reflected in this graph is that it is measuring referral traffic from both PR efforts and Non-PR efforts, not direct/organic/paid.