TrendKite Campaigns removes the complexities of mapping your earned media outcomes to specific projects and makes it easy to understand the research and preparation required to execute a campaign and the deliverables needed to report and share your success!

Creating a Campaign

In the Campaigns tab, click the "Add a Campaign" or "New Campaign" buttons to get started.


You'll be asked to select a Campaign type, name the Campaign, and given the option to add a short description. Once you've completed these steps, click "Next."


Every Campaign requires a Primary Campaign Search. Select the primary search for your campaign (you'll have an opportunity to add additional searches later) and click "Next."


The Campaign creation wizard will guide you through options to add additional searches, contacts, dashboards, reports, and newsletters to your campaign. These steps are optional when creating a Campaign. Once you've selected all the assets for your campaign, click "Save" to create your Campaign.

 Campaign Creation.gif

Adding Content to an Existing Campaign

As your campaign or project progresses, you can add new or existing reports, searches, newsletters, and contacts to your campaigns.


Adding an asset from a Campaign is easy. Simply select the type of asset from the Campaign Overview, and click "Add" and select the asset and click "Save" to add to your Campaign


Add Asset to Campaign.gif


You can also add assets to Campaigns from the dashboard, report, newsletter, or searches tab of TrendKite. Look for the "Actions" menu in the dashboard, report, newsletter, or search and select "Add to Campaign," select that Campaign, and click "Save" to complete.


Campaign Overview Page

The Campaign Overview Page provides a high-level look at the trending coverage of your Campaigns, as well as collecting the assets associated with the Campaign.




The metrics are trending stats for the primary campaign search you identified when creating the campaign.


Under the trending stat's you'll see the most recent coverage for the primary search of that campaign. You can filter and sort that coverage by date, media type, Article Impact score, readership, social shares, and SEO Impact.