TrendKite partners with Critical Mention for its Broadcast content, which seamlessly integrates clips into the platform to exist alongside your online news in searches, dashboards, alerts, newsletters, and reports. Critical Mention captures and indexes 40 hours of broadcast content every 60 seconds from more than 2,000 unique broadcast sources producing more than 16 million searchable segments.

  • US television coverage includes networks and their affiliates in all 210 Nielson television markets as well as dozens of cable networks.
  • US radio coverage includes major networks and 50 top local stations.
  • Canadian coverage includes more than 120 sources (in English and French).
  • UK coverage is from 100 local, regional and national TV and Radio channels.
  • Middle East coverage includes translation from Arabic speech to English text.

With Broadcast, you can watch and edit clips within TrendKite, and create links that can be shared across your organization. Clips can be viewed in alerts, newsletters, and reports. You will also receive viewership numbers for each television clip and a corresponding ad value.


TrendKite pulls in content 2-5 minutes after it airs and you can view videos up to 30 days past when they air. After 30 days, the video content is unavailable, but the clip will still be searchable in TrendKite, as we save the close captioning text forever. Additionally, if you edit a clip, the edited video clip will be available to view forever. To find out how to edit a clip, watch the video below.


Video Thumbnail


If you do not yet have Broadcast and are interested in learning more, reach out to your Account Manager to discuss pricing.


If you currently have a contract with TVEyes, we also offer an integration with them for broadcast content. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information.