TrendKite’s digests compare to Google Alerts but are more comprehensive and customizable. We recommend using your dashboards for research, reporting, and strategizing, but digests can serve as an easy way to keep up with the news you care about.


E-mail recipients are unlimited in number and are not restricted to TrendKite users.


Like widgets in dashboards, digests are driven by searches, meaning you can set them up to receive coverage surrounding any topic you want, from your own coverage, to competitor news, to high-impact industry stories. In order to keep multiple digests well-organized, we offer the ability to house multiple digests in one; articles pertaining to each topic are segmented within one email.


Daily Digests

Covers stories published in the previous 24 hours. Alerts in this category can be received daily or in real-time.


Creating and Customizing an Alert

To create an alert, click on the “Alerts” tab, where you will be prompted to “Create An Alert”. Choose a “Daily Digest” or “Weekly Snapshot” to get started. After selecting the type you want, input your email recipients, determine your sending time, and choose the search(es) you would like to fuel your alert.


You can also customize the logo by uploading an image. Saving your alert begins the sending cycle, as the digest will appear in your email recipients’ inbox automatically moving forward.