Introduction: TrendKite Boolean Searches



Simply speaking, a Boolean search is an expression that results in a value of either TRUE or FALSE (in our world, that an article matches the search term(s) or doesn’t). AND, OR, and NOT are the primary operators of Boolean logic. There are many other more advanced Boolean operators in TrendKite that can do things like:

  • Target specific media outlets
  • Target geographical areas
  • Target specific languages


Keep in mind that a Boolean search is literal. The requirements you give (i.e. the search terms you require or exclude) must appear exactly as they do in the article for it to pull, or not pull, into your dashboard or alert.


For example, a search for the singular version of the word “Kitten” will not match articles where only the plural, “Kittens”, are mentioned, unless the singular “Kitten” also appears in the article. Similarly, searching for (“Target” AND “store”) will only pull results where both of those words are mentioned exactly as they are written in the search. An article with “Target” and “stores” would not pull; “store” would need to be mentioned.


Note: Unless otherwise specified, a term can be in the headline or body of an article.


Even with this guide, we encourage you to reach out to us for additional help. Our experienced team is well-trained in building complex Boolean searches, and can assist by building entire searches or guiding  you through building your own.


The fastest way to reach us directly is through our in-app Help Chat, at the top-right of your screen.