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Trailblazing Brand SXSW Leverages Journalist Discovery Engine to Elevate PR Strategy



"For an event like SXSW with over 24 programming tracks, developing relationships with journalists in each area is crucial to our event. The Pinpoint Contacts discovery engine enables us to uncover new journalists focused on specialized topics and expand our network.”

Brett Cannon – Senior Publicist –  SXSW


Outdated Media Lists

With an enormous journalist relations program, SXSW once used Cision’s media contact database to manage it all. Frustrated by stale contact information, they later moved to an internal solution, which improved contact quality but limited them to journalists already writing about SXSW.


“Journalists either cover SXSW very broadly, or very specifically for different tracks. Our base of coverage is great, but if we wanted to strengthen a particular track, we lacked a way to target and identify new journalists aligned to that specific topic.”


A Discovery Engine for Influential Journalists - No Matter How Niche

As a key customer advisor to their PR analytics provider, SXSW helped guide the development of Pinpoint Contacts, the next-generation of media contacts. Now, for the first time ever, they have a tool that not only maintains fresh contact information, but also helps them uncover new journalists that weren’t previously on their radar.


“The Pinpoint Contacts' discovery engine makes it easy for us to expand our relationships with new journalists in any track - from Design, to Technology, to Social Impact, and more. It’s incredibly powerful that when I’m looking at a journalist, the tool recommends other high impact journalists covering that very specific beat.”

Above and Beyond with TrendKite

A Workflow that Wows

Brett was pleasantly surprised by the time savings that come with having media contacts deeply integrated into his PR Analytics. He could stumble upon a new journalist while reading the daily news and add them to a list without switching contexts.


“Pinpoint Contacts workflow is really fluid and easy-to-use, and its collaboration capabilities make it easy to share information about journalists across our team.”

Spotlight Features


Journalist Discovery Engine

Uncover more journalists with a personalized discovery engine.


flexible searches

Pinpoint the right contacts for specific topics and campaigns.



Benchmark journalists by average shares, SEO impact, and more.

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