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Empowering International Clients with New In-Depth PR Reports

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"TrendKite is helping us provide the absolute best return on investment reports to clients. The PR coverage we share allows us to speak across client departments so everyone can understand the bottom line results of the work we do to help their brand."



Blinding Clients with Poor PR Reports from Legacy Solutions

Before using the TrendKite platform, the team couldn't respond to press coverage in real-time. They wanted to be more proactive and create editorial content that catalyzed and drove ongoing conversations.

“We’re all about return on invest and we needed to know more about how coverage helps drive greater website traffic, conversions and ultimately sales. We didn’t want to blind clients with numbers and charts that didn’t make sense or add value.”


Going Beyond Numbers to Gain More Knowledge that Empowers Clients

The TrendKite platform is creating data-rich reports that are educating Red Lorry Yellow Lorry clients and giving the best actionable intelligence to know which campaigns are the most effective. Continuous improvements to the platform such as the new SEO impact score helps the team empower clients with the most cutting-edge PR metrics and strategies.

“We can track things like dedicated PR website traffic, key messages, share of voice, and now rate publications using the SEO impact score to help us target journalists for upcoming campaigns. The continuous improvements to the platform gives us PR analytics to deliver strong and tangible results.”


Detailed PR Reports Powered by Exemplary Customer Support & Learning

Clients are continuously impressed with the level of detailed reporting the team provides. A lot of that success is fueled by an exceptional customer support team that is always eager to respond with helpful tips and strategies.

“The level of customer support involved is a big selling point for us and has proven to be a huge asset when looking to evolve our reports. It can be challenging to manage a lot of valuable data and the TrendKite team always steps up to help us out no matter the situation.”

Spotlight Features


SEO Impact Score

Measure influence on search engine ranking by using SEO Impact.


PR Website Traffic

Track web traffic coming directly from PR efforts.


Dedicated Customer Success

Enjoy world-class customer care support for any training needs.

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