Strengthen and Guard Your Brand with PR Analytics & Brand Monitoring Tools

Your brand is the collective group of experiences, relationships, stories and expectations that inform a person’s decision to choose your product or service over those of your competitors. Your brand is more than a logo. It’s a reflection of your organization’s culture and personality. Everything your customers and potential customers hear or read about your brand becomes part of their understanding of your company and products.

Brand monitoring is the necessary process of uncovering and understanding all of the information potentially available to consumers of your brand. Today, brand tracking mostly involves online conversations on social media and earned media sites that publish stories about your brand. Brand monitoring requires a thorough understanding of what content related to your brand exists online and which publications and social channels are likely to host relevant discussions.

TrendKite Can Help Monitor Your Brand

TrendKite helps brands focus in on the quality media coverage they are getting to identify key influencers sharing that coverage, trending industry topics and more. Our anvanved PR analytics let alsoallows you to benchmark your brand's coverage against other brands or best in class brands. Here is how TrendKite can help PR and brand managers:

  • Identify influential Authors and Publications 
  • Benchmark your brand's coverage vs. competition and best in class
  • Show the setiment around the coverage your brand is getting
  • Measure the Social Amplification of your brand's mentions
  • Show how earned media coverage is impacting your brand

Why is Brand Monitoring Important?

There are many reasons successful PR professionals deploy a brand measurement strategy. Here are just a few advantages of having the right program and tools:

  • Uncover New Media Opportunities  Brand tracking does not need to be limited to determining the success of outreach efforts. With the right news service and media dashboards, you have the ability to identify relevant topics of interest for publications and journalists. This broader view enables you to target a wider audience and find earned media opportunities that might otherwise be missed.
  • React Quickly – Brand monitoring is critical in helping marketing and PR professionals respond immediately to unfavorable sentiment about the brand, its products or employees. Information spreads more quickly than ever in today’s connected world. Your PR team should never be the last to know what the public is hearing about your brand.
  • Track Trends – The interests of the public and content producers change over time. What may have been an effective pitch last month, may not work as well today. Brand tracking, especially with tools designed to provide a visualized view of the media landscape, help you see trends over time and can guide your strategy.
  • Analyze Competitors –  Your brand measurement approach should also involve monitoring and tracking your competitors. Understanding how your competitors are covered can be a real advantage to your own efforts.  Reviewing competitive coverage may help you identify new earned media opportunities, writers and channels.
  • Become a Subject Matter Expert –  Brand monitoring must be done in the context of your industry.  Brand tracking software solutions help you understand what is happening in the broader industry so you can develop stories and pitches to elevate the current discussion and attract the attention of industry influencers.

Your brand is really all you have in the market, so brand monitoring is a key responsibility of PR and marketing pros.  Fortunately, advanced PR tools are available to help you identify, understand and react, turning what was once a time-consuming chore into a strategic advantage.


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