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Why Companies Like Ours Need Media Analytics

December 16, 2013 05:55 AM

Can Media Analytics Help You Get Funded?

Last night I went with my team to a holiday party thrown by one of our vendors. In a conversation with TrendKite’s CEO, Matt Allison and our good friend, Adam Lyons, CEO of The Zebra (formerly Insurance Zebra), I realized how important of a role TrendKite plays in all kinds of companies, including budding start-ups in Austin. Here is what I mean.Marc Cuban Quote

When I meet someone new, they usually are quick to ask what exactly TrendKite does. Frankly, I usually leave that answer up to our very talented sales team whenever possible. But in the conversation I had with Adam last night I was reminded how important the TrendKite solution is. See, Adam just raised another round for his Mark Cuban backed company The Zebra. This is big news in Austin as when you raise a second round it means that you are not just a flash in the pan. He and Matt were looking at the TrendKite dashboard, bouncing ideas off one another as they often do, and using Adam’s company as the topic of query. There they discovered a new, fresh and timely article that Adam had no idea had been written about his company. The organic news article talked about his industry, where his company fits into the fabric of that industry, and the effects of his successfully raising a second round. This was a vital piece of information that Adam otherwise would have missed. However, he did see it because of the tools we are building at TrendKite.

TrendKite has many innovative ways to make your media reporting and analysis bigger and better. We are constantly working with CMO's and marketing directors to create this tool in such a way that it accommodates every request and answers any question. However, when you look at the base of this tool and the amazingly fast results it flashes on your retina display, you really understand what TrendKite is all about. Having the power of nearly 100 million articles (and counting) at your fingertips in less than a second prepares you to execute at your highest level, whether you’re the curator of that information, or the top executive/decision-maker. There is no guessing on your part, it’s all right there in front of you ready for you to present at your next sales meeting, board meeting, or even to chat about at your next holiday party.

This technology is beginning to change the face of the modern day company. Because of TrendKite and what we are building companies no longer have to wait and see. Instant results gives them the eagle-like view point of what is happening this very moment in the media, social networks and globally with their company. I am beyond proud to be on a team building a tool which is such an integral part of our clients’ success.

Congratulations to TrendKite’s friend Adam Lyons, and thanks for reminding me why TrendKite is so important to companies like yours.