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Pinpoint Contacts Features

Discover Media Contacts

Discover New Media Contacts

Uncover new journalists and press contacts that weren’t previously on your radar with Pinpoint Contacts' personalized media contact discovery engine. Discover the most powerful people writing about your competitors, industry, and relevant key trends.

Fine-tune Media Lists

Fine-Tune Media Lists With Advanced PR Analytics

Pinpoint uses performance analytics to automatically surface the highest impact journalists by topic, so you don’t waste your time sifting through out of date media databases creating unqualified media lists. You can now prioritize your media contacts by reach, social sharing, website traffic, audience engagement, SEO impact, and more.

Target Press Lists

Precisely Targeted Media and Press Lists

Need to find the world’s authority on a niche topic? Pinpoint Contacts will help you find them. There are no limitations with how precise and targeted you can get with your media contacts search.

The Only Integrated Media Contact Solution

Every other PR software with a media contact database built a siloed, stand-alone tool. By contrast, Pinpoint Contacts deeply integrates media contacts through your TrendKite PR Analytics, to create the first truly unified PR software platform.

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