AVE is a Mirage

...and Other Radical Shifts in Public Relations


ave is a mirage

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Wrong, dying, and dead: all words referring to habits of PR's past. What's taking place in PR is a change in focus and measurement, making earned media more valuable than ever before!

So, let’s discuss the irrational, the dying fluff, and put the pieces in place that drive more value, carry stronger impact, and grow public relations into the strategic and data-driven role it deserves to be. This eBook dives deep into the evolution of PR, the skill gaps this evolution created, and ways to capitalize on these new opportunities!

Key Takeaways from the eBook:

  • How and why the industry has evolved
  • The digital skills that PR pros need to master
  • Which metrics can prove the ROI of your efforts
  • The difference between coverage and impactful coverage
  • Ways to target the right journalists and Influencers

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