5 Tips Every PR Pro Should Know to Ensure PR Budget Doesn't Get Cut

5 Tips Every PR Pro Should Know to Secure PR Budget - eBook Cover

PR professionals are regularly fighting for every penny they can get – often without the necessary weapons and PR reporting strategy they need to win the battle. While marketing can easily justify their spend with hard numbers, it isn’t as easy for PR budgets.

Public Relations has historically struggled to find the right reporting strategies and metrics to show execs exactly how earned media impacts the bottom line. This is mostly because PR efforts show results over time and measuring earned media has traditionally been less tangible than email opens or click-throughs, for example. 

PR can earn their piece of the budget pie with the right process and reporting metrics and strategy in place. Want to know how? 

Download this PR BUDGET eBook to get tips on:

  • How to establish PR goals that help your company achieve its objectives
  • What questions you should be asking before you launch a PR campaign
  • What PR metrics will get executive attention
  • How your reports should be presented 
  • Steps you can take now to turn your cost center into a profit center

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