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Measure PR’s Business Impact

PR measurement tools that quantify PR's impact from building brand to driving revenue


A Complete Set of PR Measurement Metrics

TrendKite provides you with a complete set of metrics to measure PR’s brand, marketing, and bottom-line impact. Up-level your measurement by using intuitive, flexible dashboards to benchmark results and slice-and-dice coverage in ways you’ve never done before.


Brand Impact

Awareness, Mindshare and Reputation

Brand mentions don't equal brand equity. Our PR Measurement software quantifies true brand impact with three-dimensional metrics that get to how people feel about your brand and how top of mind you are. 

Tracking Media Mentions for PR Monitoring

Quality Media Mentions

How many quality mentions did you receive?

Readership & Reach for PR Measurement by TrendKite


What is the total potential audience reach of your earned media coverage? 


Headlines and Featured Articles

How frequently were you the main focus of the article? 


Mentions by Geography

Which cities, states, countries or regions are you getting coverage in?

key message tracking for for PR Measurement by TrendKite

Key Message Pull-Through

Is your messaging and positioning being pulled through in your brand coverage?

social amplification for PR Measurement by TrendKite

Social Amplification

How frequently was an article amplified by being shared across social media?



What is the overall tone of  your coverage and what does that mean for brand reputation?


Share of Voice

How much mindshare do you own compared to your competitors?

Digital Impact

Engagement, Traffic, and SEO

High-quality PR campaigns command attention, engage audiences, and motivate people to action. TrendKite's PR measurement tools show how your media mentions influence and contribute to moving people down the marketing funnel.


Audience Engagement

Use PR Measurement to gauge how your campaign resonated with audiences by counting the number of people that read your content and shared it to their social networks.


Traffic Driven by PR

Measure the number of people directly visiting your website after reading a PR article.


SEO Impact of PR

Show PR’s impact on marketing’s most important channel: Search. Report the SEO impact of PR mentions, backlinks in articles, and keywords in stories.


Bottom Line Impact

Google Analytics Integration

Using our Google Analytics Integration, PR professionals are able to report results in a way executives understand, and take credit for the high-value business outcomes they drive:

  • Application Submissions
  • Demo Requests
  • Product Sales
  • Donations / Grants
  • Content Downloads

Benchmark Results

Beef up your PR measurement with benchmarking. Measure your performance over time, against competitors, compared to industry benchmarks, and versus the best-in-class.


Free Tool: Compare Your PR to Competitors


Intuitive, Flexible Dashboards

Advanced PR measurement tools let you filter out the noise and hone in on what matters with single-click filters, then slice, dice, and analyze your coverage with flexible and easy-to-use dashboards.


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Just a Few of our Customers

  • Mondelez, TrendKite PR Measurement Client
  • UtahJazz, TrendKite PR Measurement Client
  • Campbell, TrendKite PR Measurement Client
  • Nike, TrendKite PR Measurement Client
  • Pinterest, TrendKite PR Measurement Client